1-to-1 Mentoring: Product Management & Beyond

The role of a product manager is a complicated one that changes and shifts, depending on the product, team, organisation, and PM themselves. At all points of the product development life cycle, a myriad of skills seem equally important and urgent. As new product managers enter the role, it is not easy to understand what to focus on first and how to begin the path towards mastering the skills and craft of product management. How can product managers be assured that they are focusing on the right skills?

This mentoring sessions is an overview that attempts to clarify and define the aspects of a product manager's role. Explicitly focused on core team practice and methods that drive the delivery of value to customers, this mentoring offers overviews and definitions of the theories and mindsets that drive the core elements of the product role. Upon completing mentoring, you are ready to deep-dives into specific skills and processes that effectively allow product managers to run a team dedicated to continuous learning and delivery.

During my 1 on 1 mentoring sessions, I will debunk the critical myths of Product Managers
1. One Wait, I do not have _____ experience!
2. Two The differences between Project Management and Product Management
3. Three Key terms you need to know and how to 4. 4. Four execute them
5. Five How to land your first job as a PM, potential career paths

About the speaker:
London base Lead Product Manager, leading multiple international teams, currently working on Payment and AI. Ex-Yahoo, 7 years of global product management experiences in FTSE 100 companies as well as startups. University of Nottingham postgraduate mentor. Launched the Yahoo HK PC front page (what you see now!), Tumblr HK, launched 5G in UK, managed event apps for 11 events worldwide.


Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Jam Date: Mar 30, 2021