Crypto Markets Analysis

This is a one-hour class for people with at least some existing investment activity, looking to understand more about markets and how to invest.

We will be looking at:

Macro factors -- USD value, risk assets and global rates.

Onchain data -- such as stablecoin supply, on-exchange reserve, miners activity, institutional transactions and more.

Basic indicators -- charting (moving averages, moving average enveloppes, RSI, etc.), markets (spot and derivatives open interest, funding rates, options expirty dates, etc.) along with crypto-specific (SOPR, Whales ratio, etc.)

I'm particularly excited about this because I think a limited number of people, genuinely wanting to learn about these topics will make for an interesting and insightful discussion. I will have plenty of material to go through during one hour but I'll naturally be happy to adapt and steer the conversation towards what you want to understand better, dive deeper in or get more resources/data on.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Jam Date: May 4, 2021
Start Time (GMT + 8 hours): 7
Jam Length (in hours) : 1.0
Learners Per Class : 10