I'm an ex-banker, VC, media executive at Newscorp and NBA China and startup leader in APAC for Uber, Kabam and Mapbox. I've spent 20 years in China and I work with entrepreneurs and executives at all stages of development, providing strategic insights and mentorship.

I founded Sprout in 2019 to provide a service that I couldn't find when I was working in early stage companies – cap table, ESOP and investor management software designed for markets outside of the US. I personally oversee all of the work we do at Sprout to ensure we are provide founders with the tools they need to fundraise, grow and retain their employees and manage all their stakeholders.

As any successful entrepreneur can tell you, success depends on more than simply having a good product/service offering. Your ability to raise money and manage investors and dilution could also make or break you. I’m inspired by the stories told by the entrepreneurs I work with on a daily basis. It’s my passion to help businesses with great potential to focus their internal resources on what they do best -- so they can scale and succeed.

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